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The country of wide spaces, a land of culture and adventure. The Aveyron is a harmonious mixing of landscapes, architecture, gastronomic cultures. In this magnificent painting where everything is contrast, eight natural regions cover the dept. From the volcanic plateau of Aubrac to the wide plateau of Caladez wich overlaps Rouergue and Auvergne. The valley of Marcillac with its pleasante climate and its pink sandstone houses. Conques, the jewel of Roman architecture are major stopping places on the road to St Jacques de Compostelle.



For a long time away from the main roads, an important opening up was made thanks to the creation of large ways allowing to have much easier acesss now. The dept of Aveyron which belongs to the administrative region Midi Pyrénées is one of the largest in France, hence its varied landscapes bordering the Tarn-et-Garonne, the Lot, the Cantal, the Lozere, the Gard, the Hérault and the Tarn. It is essentially rural and famous for its authencity and traditions.

The Canyons of Aveyron, the Lot valley, contrasted landscapes between Bastide du Rouergue and many castles. Ségala and Pays du Viaur, the country of a hundred valleys spreads from the lakes of Levezou to the Aveyron valleys. The Levezou, a large plateau between the Tarn and the Aveyron valleys, not less than 6 beautiful lakes among which Pareloup (1200 hectars), the most important in the South of France. A quasi mediteranean climate in the summer with winning and water resort.

The country of Roquefort, the kindom of ewes where the famous Roquefort cheese has been made for centuries. Millau and the Grand Causse, the plateaux of Larzac, Mejean, Gorges du Tarn, Gorges de la Jonte et de la Dourbie.

Final stop in the Aveyron valley, Rodez, a two thousand year old town in the shade of its famous cathdral with its spine, one of the most beautiful in France. 

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